Hello, I’m jaechang Kim. I’m a graduate student in POSTECH ML Lab.

Research Interest

I treat machine learning as a method to solve under-determined problems by learning priors from data. I’m interested in applications of machine learning and explaining how it is working.

  • Source Separation
  • Machine Learning Applications in sound domain
  • GAN Inversion
  • Explaininable AI


major conferences

  • Jaechang Kim*, Yunjoo Lee*, Hyun Mi Cho, Dong Woo Kim, Chi Hoon Song, and Jungseul Ok, “Activity-informed Industrial Audio Anomaly Detection via Source Separation,” in ICASSP, 2023
  • Jaechang Kim*, Yunjoo Lee*, Seunghoon Hong, and Jungseul Ok, “Learning Continuous Representation of Audio for Arbitrary Scale Super Resolution,” ICASSP, 2022
  • Jinwoo Jeon*, Jaechang Kim*, Kangwook Lee, Sewoong Oh, and Jungseul Ok, “Gradient Inversion with Generative Image Prior,” NeurIPS 2021 (and FL-ICML’21), 2021

domestic conferences

  • Hyejin Park*, Byungchan Ko*, Jaechang Kim*, Hoyoung Kim, Jinwoo Jeon, and Jungseul Ok, “Effect of Privacy Preserving in Personalized Federated Learning with Heterogeneous Data from Wearable Devices,” KSC2021, 2021


  • Ph.D. in POSTECH Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence (2021 ~ )
  • B.S. in POSTECH Department of Computer Science & Engineering (2016 ~ 2021)


  • Computer Architecture (TA, 2023 Spring)
  • Intro. to Computer SW Systems (TA, 2022 Fall)

Work Experience

  • Internship in Naver Corp (2020.07 ~ 2020.08)

  • Internship with Prof. Sungwoo Park (2019.05 ~ 2019.10) https://www.datamonad.com/

  • Internship in Netmarble AI Revolution Center (2018.06 ~ 2018.08)